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THANK YOU Kerin (capaow) for my Johnlock gif commission!!! <3 <3 <3

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so…. about marshmallow batjohn now…. i think im in love

I think marshmallow batjohn loves you too because I love you (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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John the morning after the stag night wishing he would delete stuff like Sherlock because he doesn’t want to remember that he almost had Sherlock, almost kissed him and held him and it didn’t happen

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Nine pieces of life.

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Avengers Johnlock

my first entry for April’s “Let’s Draw Sherlock: Alternate Professions”. 
"superheroes" is a profession…?   (^^;   Never mind!

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Dean is 100% done.

ah yes the stop-and-blink

this is honestly one of my favorite Dean Expressions

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"Hug a tree. Enjoy the barky sensation."

—Actual Tumblr quote
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I think I need you here - Johnlock RP

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Johnlock.

You: If someone were to look under John Watson’s mattress, they would find an old and worn booklet. The cover would be red, the pages faded and some ripped. And inside, you would find John. Not him, literally, but you would find every thought, and every feeling that went through his mind. Ever since he was in the military, he’d kept it. It was his journal, and one he had never showed anyone. I held his darkest moments, secrets, thoughts, and even, his unrequited love. He’d kept it from Sherlock, hoping to god the detective wouldn’t sneak around and find it. He would never admit it aloud, but inside he wrote his feelings down. His strong, and slightly indecisive feelings for Sherlock Holmes. If Sherlock were to ever find it, John knew their friendship would be over. He’d never thought that day would come, until one night when he slipped a hand under his mattress to retrieve his journal, it was not there. His heart sped into a panic, and he quickly rushed down the stairs. “Sherlock, have you seen a red booklet, perhaps?”

Stranger: Sherlock had found John’s red booklet when searching for items to use in an experiment. Upon finding this red booklet, the male knew it was private and that it would be a terrible thing for him to read it. Though, this is how you know someone without talking too much, right? Of course. That is why he did read it, he spent all night doing so to learn John in every way that he could. Looking up from his seat, his tired eyes looked up at John before blinking slowly and pointing to a nearby table. “Over there,” he mumbled and gave the other male a small smile. “You don’t have to worry about anything anymore, John.”

You: A flash of horror crossed John’s face. He’d read it. Everything about him. His worst and best experiences, his thoughts, his /feelings/. Jesus Christ. It meant he knew. The blond began to curse in his head, yelling at himself for not choosing a better hiding spot. Sherlock wasn’t supposed to know, or at least, he wasn’t supposed to find out this way. “Haven’t you heard of privacy, Sherlock?” John couldn’t help but blurt out, his frustration, anger, and embarrassment eating away at him. He quickly moved to snatch up the booklet from it’s place on the table, holding it tightly in hand. “You just read personal things, Sherlock. Of course I’m going to worry. I can’t just ignore this and pretend that you haven’t seen what I’ve wrote..” A sigh flew past his lips. He didn’t want to leave, he didn’t want Sherlock to be angry with him. He knew his love wasn’t reciprocated, bu it didn’t mean that he would stop feeling the way he did.

You: *but.

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I don’t know about you guys but I say Lestrade and Mycroft are made for each other

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there was a really hot gif on my dash and


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Okay, so, because I am a complete and utter dork, I went and found the chords for Can’t Keep It Inside - aka the song Benedict sang in August: Osage County. And here is me playing and singing just a line of it.
Ugh, I’m horrible. Please don’t judge me.

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rewatching sherlock series 1 and noticing after john says ‘it’s all fine’ (after they have the do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend convo) sherlock says ‘thank you’ softly, before talking more about the cabbie, I didn’t realise it before, he’s thanking john for accepting him, however he is, (probably not straight), my heart stops beating,

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I just want to say that I am officially jealous of the artists on tumblr and I demand you share some of your talent.

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